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hi all!
2009-02-14, 05:46 PM
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RE: hi all!
Tomiś lives in on cage with sisters. They fight sometimes still but, because I've never observed blood, I don't care about it.
Tomiś is very good, Shamsi still has allergy (like usually - it is because of urea). Iskierka still has blood in urine and we don't know why and what to do. New idea - aneurysm in bladder. Which seems to heal, so vet doesn't want to touch it to strong, just to prevent breaking down again. She has stronger blooding when gets fluoroquinolones (like enrofloxacine, marbofloxacine) and doesn't react on cyclonamine - we don't know why.

I brought Calypso yesterday from Olsztyn (isn't it crazy to go 4 hours just to get rat and come back 4 hours the same day?) and she didn't meet rest of rats still. She is very shy and nervous and must accustom her with new place and new situation first. She also doesn't like catching and touching well but we work on it.
She doesn't seem to care about rest of rats, although they do. Tomiś was puffing yesterday. Yeah, he is such a "hero". He is beaten by girls, so, when he meets new rat and weaker then he, he wants to beat her.
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